Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip to Lake Tahoe July 2012

Harold loves Lake Tahoe!   He had 7 days off including his birthday so we drove 9 hours to northern California .   Because the 4th of July was mid week,there were less people than normal.  Even though Harold isn't thrilled about turning 59,  he is one year closer to retirement (10 July 2015).

Two years ago I wanted to para sail but was too chicken.  I have had time to think about  it and Harold and I did it together.  Para sailing was soooooooooooooooooo much fun.  Not at all scary!
Phyllis Thyll, Our good friend from high school  found us on face book.  She and her husband Bill Johnston live  about 2 hours south of Tahoe.  They met up with us and we had a great time getting reacquainted.
Jan and Diane Black  have the cabin we rented and toys they like to share: like a boat  and wave runners.  We were able to relax a few time  by boating to Emerald Bay and of course Wilson came along.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Family Reunions

During Memorial Day weekend, Harold and I were in Niangua, Missouri for a Jones/Miller reunion. He and his brother Larry hadn't been back to the family farm in 36 years. It was about time they met up with their KIN Folk. Heard stories from the past; gathered old and newer pictures and visited cemeteries. Had a wonderful time with FAMILY!
Betty June Jones and her family. Next to her are the Miller cousins, next are the Jones cousins. Following are Oleta miller and family (they currently live on the family farm Harold mother was born and raised on.

Monday, May 9, 2011

We have two new granddaughters!

Kirti met her new family on March 14. Jason, Jennifer and Davis flew to India and brought Kirti home to San Jose. She is 6 years old and Davis is 5 years old. They have become good playmates.

Lydia Lynette Peterson was born in Utah on February 28. Grandma was able to spend a week with Lydia and her brother Owen in March. Babies are so sweet!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating our first year together!

To celebrate our first anniversary, we drove up the coast and spent two days in Santa Barbara and one night in Ventura CA.

Is this what it means to be living a dogs life?
Solvang was a stop we made before leaving the area!
We had beautiful sunrises!
The Jacobson sisters planned a sisters weekend with a birthday party for Anne, shopping , eating and lots of laughs!

Jan Black took us up in his small plane for a short fun ride. Highway 330 is closed for maybe a year. The rain storm we had the week before Christmas washed the highway away is several spots. I was able to take this picture from the air. UNREAL!

This is just a few highlights regarding the month of January for Harold and Denise.
Harold and I went to Kotts Berry Farm together on a whim. He hadn't been in about 20 years.

The Spirit OF Christmas

Kelly, Jeff, Dallin, Emily and Bryce Marker were missed this Christmas season.
Shelly, Nate and Owen Peterson Came to CA (for 3 days after Christmas) from Utah. A winter storm had pushed their trip home a little sooner than planned. Their new baby girl is scheduled to arrive the end of February.

Crystal, Jacob and John Somoza. They do excellent during the long drive from Dallas to California.
Alvaro and Heather Somoza

Newer Picture of the Petersons.

Erik Hayes and Tina Pointer

The Jones Family picture was taken during Thanksgiving weekend. This was our Christmas card picture. Harold and Denise With Bryan, Erin & Micah (on the left). Jason, Jenny,& Davis (on the right).

Denise was invited to a Christmas Tea with the Jacobson sisters. Nice way to begin the month of December by remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

A trip to San Jose brought Christmas a little early. We had bonding time with Davis when we took him to Christmas in the park while his parents attend a work party. Also this weekend we participated in their church project in raising money for a school and aid relief kits for Zimbabwe. It was a great experience!

Grandpa and Davis having a fun time together!

Christmas came early for Davis! He loves hot wheels!

Monday before Christmas we met up with Bryan, Erin and her family in Huntington Beach for an early Christmas celebration. It may have been cold, wet and rainy outside but we were warm with the spirit of Christmas!

Micah couldn't wait to build with his Lego set from grandma and grandpa!

Harold and Denise Spent two days in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Got a great deal ...2 nights and 2 show tickets to The Lion King for two hundred. We had a very romantic, restful 2 days.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was spent in Long Beach at Crystal and Tony's. Heather's family had driven out from Texas to spend the holidays with family (I will try to slip their picture in along with Shelly and Nate's)

Santa showed up Christmas Day and everyone was surprised!

This is John Somoza!

Monday after Christmas a get together was held at the Bayer home for all the Hayes siblings. Denise's brother joined us for the first time in 6 years.

The week after Christmas, Erik & Tina, Somoza's, Denise and the Lamm girls went to Knotts Berry farm . Of course had dinner at the famous chicken house (something we loved doing in years past). Before the end of the week, everyone headed back home. Denise was able to spend personal time with Ashlynn and Payge at Universal Theaters.

During the month of December, Harold and I made a point to keep the Spirit of Christmas as much as we could. We listened to Christmas music, watched movies with Christmas themes, attended Christmas programs at church and best of all, spent time with almost all our grandchildren. Kelly's family stayed in Oregon (they made a trip to CA last Aug). We are blessed daily with our Saviors Love!

The Spirit of Christmas

Harold and I were able to spend time with six out of our seven children and their families at sometime in the month of December. We also made the spirit of Christmas come alive for us personally. Listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas themed movies and attending Christmas programs at Church or gatherings. These really helped us focus on the true meaning of the holidays. This picture was taken during Thanksgiving in Ventura CA. I used it for our Christmas card.